Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Setting up the blog, navigating in the fog...

Setting up the blog

Thanks to Sage for helping us set up this blog.
Monday August 26th we sailed from Apponaug Harbor towards Cuttyhunk.  However, we got a late start (11:30) and by the time we were out of Naragansett Bay, it was mid afternoon...  the winds were favorable (SW 15-20) and seas 3-4' and our new jib was performing beautifully  - - but it was getting late and rain was forecast, so we ducked in to the Sakonnet River, just east of Newport and anchored at Third Beach for the night.

Monday night and Tuesday morning it rained  - a lot - - the dinghy was half full!  After it cleared and we dinghyed Sage in to shore to go for a run... then we had a lovely sail up the Sakonnet to another anchorage  - where we spent a quiet night.

Wednesday, with news that Ian will come down tomorrow to sail with us, we headed back through pea soup fog towards Naragansett Bay.  We stopped briefly at Newport, but the anchor windlass controller was not working, again,  and we decided it needed permanent corrective electrical fix as this was an essential need for our cruising, so we headed up to Hunt Marine in Portsmouth, to a dock space where we could get this done  - -by ourselves or by technicians.   This facility is next to the Hinckley Yacht yard so we had lots of nice boats to gawk at...besides tending to our windlass controller repair prep (removing all the chain and anchors from the anchor locker in the forepeak).

Today's big adventure was motoring in the dense fog   - - for which Sage provided critical bow lookout-- and encountering a huge fishing drift net - -which we were able to back out of, without entangling the prop...  whew!     Other than this brief tense moment, we had a great day and are settling in to our routines aboard, alternating as 'captain of the day' - - and working through it all - - together - -and loving it!

PS Note from Dorothy -- Sage also wrote a nice blog post about today's travels, with lots of GREAT photos -- enjoy it here:
Thank you, Sage!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shaking down

After a summer on the hard in Warwick, Aviva was launched the morning of Friday, Aug 23, 2013, and even with a strong wind and current, we got her to her slip unscathed (with a little help from the dockhands and neighbors!).  She proudly displays our home port!

Our first visitors arrived that very evening!  Thank you to Sally and Chuck for fresh salsa, home-grown tomatoes, and chips, and to Eric for making the trip to see us also!

Saturday, Aug 24 -- Sage and Sam arrived mid-morning, and we did some mansioneering in Newport.  Whew, unbelievable!!  But that was someone else's adventure.  Dinner with Sage and Sam, Chuck and Sally, and Jason and Chissel -- thanks to all for adding to the festivity of the start of our "Avivadventure!!"

Sunday, Aug 25 -- we took our first trip out of the marina, a shakedown into East Greenwich Bay, during which we put up our brand new genoa, and reversed the direction of the roller furling to put the sun cover on the outside (ahem).  What a beautiful sail!  Coming into the slip was not quite as smooth as on Friday, and the gel coat now shows signs of more practice needed to reach perfect.  Sam had to return to work on Monday, so we took him to the train station, leaving Sage to put up with us by herself.

Monday, Aug 26 -- We finished stowing EVERYTHING we brought ... wow!  When were you ever completely moved in and ALL boxes unpacked after only 4 days!!!  Around 11:30 a.m., we sailed out of Apponaug Marina for our first overnight trip since bringing Aviva up from Florida in May.  (That was a wonderful trip in itself and requires its own blog entry!!)  We had a lively sail with SSW winds averaging about 15 knots from Warwick to Third Beach, Sakonnet River.  The waves offshore were about 3 feet.  Whee!!!  Our new 55 lb Delta set easily (once we got our electric winch to respond to the finicky remote).  Dinner was spaghetti with pesto, followed by the strawberry shortcake we had been dreaming of all day.  Depending on who you ask, the anchorage was either a little rolly or a little lulling.  

Here is our view this morning.  Yes, it's a lovely, gray, New England day!